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Czujniki GIOŚ NO2 CO O3 SO2
ul. Sienkiewicza   52.11   0   7.68   0
- - - - PM2.5 PM10 - - - - - - - -
ul. Sienkiewicza   -   42.28
Czujniki o mniejszej dokładności:
Kamieniec   -   -
Józefa Piłsudskiego   12.87   17.96
Tytusa Chałubińskiego   4.79   6.01
Zofii i Witolda Paryskich   20.33   30.61
Kuźnice   8.72   11.02
Szkoła Podstawowa w Kościelisku   -   -
Wszystkie odczyty podawane są w µg/m3
Partner: airly
Pon. 04.12 13:00
-4° / -7° pochmurnie
Wt. 13:00
Śr. 13:00
Czw. 13:00
Pt. 13:00
Sob. 10:00
Zdjęcie promujące Zakopane

Lista ośrodków narciarskich

Lista ośrodków narciarskich

Góral Skipass

Thanks to the efforts of the Harenda Ski Resort, Polana Szymoszkowa, Suche and Witów, Zakopane offer its first ever skipass - one card allowing skiers and snowboarders to use many lifts. The Góral Skipass is purchased for a specific length of time and can be used at four ski areas: Harendzie, Polanie Szymoszkowej, Suche, and Witów. The ticket can be purchased online, at a special ticket machine in the city centre, or at one of the designated points. Thanks to this, skiers and snowboarders can ride in several areas in one day, without wasting time queuing up for lift tickets.

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Kasprowy Wierch

The cable car to Kasprowy Wierch is the only alpine cable car in Poland. The trip is full of great views and provides an unforgettable experience. The cable car’s upper station is located at an altitude of 1959 m (only 26 meters below the top of Kasprowy Wierch) and is the second highest building in Poland, after the Kasprowy Wierch Meteorological Observatory.   From the top of Kasprowy Wierch, visitors can admire the breathtaking mountain views. Once at the top, numerous hiking options are available: to Hala Gąsienicowa, along the east ridge through the Beskids, through Skrajna and Pośrednia Turnia to Świnica, or west to Czerwone Wierchy. In winter, Kasprowy Wierch offers opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. In addition to the cable car, there are two chairlifts into the Gąsienicowa and Goryczkowa basins. Well-prepared ski runs and the proximity of the mountains attracts crowds of winter sport enthusiasts. In the area around Kasprowy Wierch, Polish Cableways prepares a total of 14 km of ski slopes on natural snow. Runs in the Kasprowy Wierch area are FIS rated for competition.

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Polana Szymoszkowa Ski Station

Polana Szymoszkowa is a ski resort distinguished by its beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains. Two chairlifts are available for skiers and snowboarders. The large six-person lift to the top of Gubałówka is an excellent suggestion for more advanced skiers and snowboarders as well as tourists looking for incredible views. The smaller lift running halfway up the slope is ideal for beginners. At the lower chairlift station is KidsPark Szymoszkowa, including a belt lift for the youngest skiers and snowboarders. Under the expert supervision of an instructor, children can ski for the first time.

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Harenda Skiing and Recreation Centre

The Harenda ski resort is located on the south-eastern slopes of Rafaczówki, an extension of the Gubałówka ridge. Skiers have at their disposal three drag lifts and a 4-seater chair lift. The chair lift can carry up to 2,400 people per hour. The slope is illuminated (open until 9 pm) and has a snowmaking system. There is a one hour break at 3 pm to groom the snow. Runs at Harenda are intended for both beginners (3 green trails) and experienced skiers. For the latter, the black route, which hosts an International Ski Federation competition, is particularly attractive. On the right side of the chairlift along the lower part of the slope there is a snow park with a jump and obstacles to practice freestyle.  The facility has a ski school, winter equipment rentals, catering facilities, an ice rink, and a spacious car park.    Contact ul. Harenda 21 A 34–500 Zakopane tel. +48 18 20 256 80 biuro@harendazakopane.pl www.harendazakopane.pl

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Centrum Szkoleń Narciarskich Nosal

The Nosal Ski Complex operates a chairlift and Tatroapoma drag lifts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Its runs are artificially snowed, lit, and groomed. Lifts are open every day. Opening and closing times are provided on an ongoing basis. Ski runs are prepared by machine at night, and if necessary also during the day. Lifts may be used upon purchasing a magnetic card. Each person using the lifts must have a separate card. Cards are valid for one winter season. A refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 5.00 is collected for each card.  Contact ul. Oswalda Balzera 30 34-500 Zakopane tel. +48 18 20 627 00  szkolastrama@nosal.pl www.nosal.pl

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Gubałówka is one of the most popular peaks in Poland. Its 1123 m elevation provides an amazing view of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane. During the summer season, the Gubałówka summit is home to Poland’s highest beach, complete with deck chairs. Athletic guests can rent sport equipment and play volleyball with their friends. Mountain enthusiasts certainly won’t deny themselves the pleasure of using spotting scopes on to admire the Tatra peaks at close range.

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Wyciąg narciarski Kalatówki

Next to Mountain Shelter PTTK Kalatówki is a t-bar ski lift, 400 m long, located in Suchy Żleb. Natural conditions of the slope favor long lasting snow cover. Slope is not difficult and offers qualified ski instructors. Ski and snowboard rental are available in hotel. Ski kindergarten is dedicated for kids.

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Wyciąg Narciarski Ugory

  Two drag lifts with a length of 350 and 400 meters. During holidays and holidays, open from 9 am until the last customer. The resort has a ski school, as well as ski and snowboard rental.  

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Wyciąg narciarski Gigant

Located next to the Wielka Krokiew ski jump. We offer training in downhill skiing and snowboarding for both children and adults. Classes may be conducted individually or in groups, always taking into account the age and skill distribution of skiers. Classes are conducted in Polish and may also be conducted in English. We offer: basic downhill sking and snowboarding for children, youth and adults (individually and in groups), improving skiing and snowboarding techniques, fun teaching methods using teaching aids and obstacle course activities.

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Wyciąg narciarski Pod Skocznią

Wyciąg narciarski Pod Krokwią usytuowany jest pod słynną skocznią narciarską „Wielka Krokiew” tuż przy Tatrzańskim Parku Narodowym.  Jest to wyciąg dla początkujących narciarzy i dzieci o długości 180 m. Atutem jest duża przestrzeń, która daje poczucie bezpieczeństwa i komfort podczas stawiania pierwszych kroków na nartach i snowboardzie. Do dyspozycji narciarzy jest tu również wypożyczalnia sprzętu i mini gastronomia oraz instruktorzy narciarstwa. Stok jest sztucznie dośnieżany, ratrakowany i oświetlony. Przy wyciągu znajduje się parking. Obok wyciągu znajdują się trasy do narciarstwa biegowego o długości od 2 do 6 km, prowadzące częściowo przez Tatrzański Park Narodowy. Trasy te posiadają doskonałe warunki do uprawiana narciarstwa biegowego zarówno dla amatorów jaki profesjonalistów.

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