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ul. Sienkiewicza   3.46   337.97   81.38   2.02
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ul. Sienkiewicza   -   23.86
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Kamieniec   14.03   18.07
Józefa Piłsudskiego   12.52   16.43
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Pon. 26.08 14:00
26° / 15° pochmurno z przejaśnieniami
Wt. 14:00
Śr. 14:00
Czw. 14:00
Pt. 14:00
Sob. 11:00
Zdjęcie promujące Zakopane

Winter leisure activities

AKTive ZAKOPANE - or what can be done to be fit In the winter

The city of Zakopane invites you to spend a winter holiday on the ski slopes, ice rinks, urban toboggan hills with artificial snow and cross-country trails on the Górna Równia Krupowa, and to participate in cultural and sports events that take place in our city during the winter season.
Winter in Zakopane and Podhale is primarily a lot of well-prepared ski slopes, winter equipment rentals and ski schools. But that’s not all. Zakopane offers much, much more in the winter.

For those who love wood paneling and window sills

There are plenty of ski lifts in Zakopane, with a varied levels of difficulty, so both a beginner and an experienced skier will find something for themselves. During winter holidays, there are also organized group classes for children in ski schools – they usually last 2-3 hours, during which the children, under the supervision of instructors, refine their skiing skills, while having a great time. If you don’t have any equipment of your own, there are rentals at your disposal, with professional assistance that will help you choose the right type of ski or snowboard. You can also rent helmets, poles, caps, gloves and sharpen your skis there.

Skiing is not only downhill skiing. Cross-country skiing is becoming more and more popular, and more and more cross-country trails are the answer to this. Zakopane is an ideal place for cross-country skiing: varied routes, varied terrain, great views and the possibility of choosing between routes are just some of the advantages.

Ski-mountaineering is a very popular type of activity that is gaining more and more supporters in Poland. Although it has many varieties, it comes down to one thing: skiing with taped-up ski skins, climbing mountains on them and flitting down the route slopes which are not attended by skiers.

Controlled slip

But white madness is not only skiing and snowboarding. In Zakopane, there are several ice rinks which are often located near the ski lifts. Thanks to this there will be no quarrels whether to go ice skating or skiing - you are going to one place and everyone’s happy. Skating is a great form of active leisure - not only does it improve your physical condition and makes your muscles stronger, it also oxygenates your body and puts you in a great mood.

With a little adrenaline

For those who seek some thrill, we recommend rides on snowmobiles and admiring the beautiful winter landscapes of the Tatras from a slightly different perspective and with a thrill.

Winter trips

The Tatra Mountains look great in the winter, though they look quite different than in the summer when crowds of tourists roam the most popular routes. In the winter, the Tatras are calmer, and the mountains reveal their more dangerous, but such a wonderful face. In the winter, when the weather is favorable, it is worth going to the valleys: Kościeliska, Chochołowska, Strążyska, Biała, Olczyska valleys, Przeławia nad Reglami, to Morskie Oko, or to Nosal or Kalatówki - even if you know these places from summer trips, they look completely different in the winter, as if you were in a completely different place.

Off the horse sleigh goes
A ride in a sleigh pulled by horses on a beautiful, frosty, sunny day or an atmospheric evening sleigh ride with torches on a winter evening, ending with a sausage roasting to the accompaniment of highland music - no matter what you choose, a winter sleigh ride is a great attraction for both children and adults.

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