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Czujniki GIOŚ NO2 CO O3 SO2
ul. Sienkiewicza   8.99   660.81   54.77   8.41
PM2.5 PM10
ul. Sienkiewicza   -   29.57
Czujniki o mniejszej dokładności:
Kamieniec   39.85   47.99
Józefa Piłsudskiego   22.09   24.66
Tytusa Chałubińskiego   18.75   20.56
Zofii i Witolda Paryskich   29.25   37.2
Kuźnice   16.43   17.91
Gronik   -   -
Szkoła Podstawowa w Kościelisku   30.84   38.77
Wszystkie odczyty podawane są w µg/m3
Partner: Partner
Pon. 19.04 05:00
4° / 3° słabe opady śniegu
Wt. 14:00
Śr. 14:00
Czw. 14:00
Pt. 14:00
Zdjęcie promujące Zakopane

Tourist Attractions


Kolejka Swarno

Zielona Lokomotywa na ulicach Zakopanego to barwny środek komunikacji, oprowadzający pasażerów wokół całego miasta. Ciuchcia Zakopiańska, jak sama nazwa wskazuje, to pojazd żwawy, pełen wigoru i uroku. Szczególnie zapadł w pamięci spacerowiczów, kiedy stanął na czele parady podczas Wiosny Jazzowej. Teraz regularnie wyrusza w trasę, zbierając po drodze wesołych podróżników. Trasa Ciuchci Zakopiańskiej zaczyna się pod Skocznią i wynosi około 9 kilometrów. Więcej informacji https://www.facebook.com/Zakopia%C5%84ska-Ciuchcia... Kontakt tel. 500771223

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Tatra lapidarium

The Lapidarium of the Tatra National Park is a collection of rocks and plants reflecting the geological map of the Tatras.Lapidarium - a geological spatial map of the Tatras - shows the diversity of inanimate nature and its impact on vegetation that grows there.The Tatra Mountains are shown here as a homogeneous massif formed by various geological processes, which were the same on both sides of the Polish-Slovak border.

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Center for active protection of amphibians and reptiles

Thermal springs at the mouth of Dolina Olczyska is a natural place of living for many species of amphibians and reptiles. The place took its name from salamanders which were numerous here ages ago and were called “lizards” or “salamanders” (“jaszczury” in Polish) highlanders. The concept of establishing a center for protection of amphibians in the place of former thermal pools was established in 2003. The aim of this project was to create conditions closely replicating the natural ones, in which it will be possible to breed and observe rare and endangered species of amphibians: salamanders, newts and frogs, and reptiles: lizards and snakes. An additional very important aspect was the need for ecological education of society.

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Parrot house

The parrot house - 70 exotic parrots are waiting to have fun with you. They like to be stroked, fed and cuddled. In return, they willingly pose for photos. The parrot house Egzotyczne Zakopane is the largest facility of this type in Lesser Poland.Located far from the noisy Krupówki, it offers free parking, a restaurant and a souvenir shop to its guests. The inhabitants of the parrot house fly free, you enter directly into their world without cages.You will get to know beautiful and colorful species, over 70 parrots, which are specifically trained, they looking for contact with humans and they come to your hand or arm. You can stroke them, feed them and take a picture together. You will see species such as the cockatoo, the blue-and-yellow macaw, the coconut lorikeet and many more here. Some of them are so big that their wingspan reaches up to 120 cm. In the parrot house you will have a great time with your family, friends or your loved one. School trips and camp groups also won’t be bored here. 

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The upside-down house

The upside-down house in Zakopane is a unique attraction that lets you to experience the phenomenon in the form of a different effect of gravity on humans and lets you to free your imagination with a guarantee of great fun. The upside-down house is an attraction for children and adults. The house sits on its roof, it is also positioned diagonally. Everything looks different in it. You can walk on the ceiling in the house, and all of the equipment of the latter stands, or rather hangs because it’s attached to the floor. Additionally, the slant makes maintaining the balance not so easy, you will remember your labyrinth! The only simple thing here are the stairs which lead not to the first floor but to the ground floor. Well, yeah, we start the tour from the first floor.  

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Snowland - winter theme park

Snowland is a unique Snow Land on the map of Zakopane. A magical, exciting place where you can have fun in the snow surrounded by the Tatra National Park. Snow Maze   It was created for the first time in the winter season of 2015/2016. It is located under the "Wielka Krokiew" ski jump and is the largest building of this type in Poland and in the world. Interesting fact: the production of artificial snow and the construction of the entire Maze takes about a month and it’s possible only at temperatures below zero.  

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Sleigh rides

Go on a sleigh ride only in Zakopane! Winter sleigh rides combined with a bonfire, singing and regional treats are one of the favorite tourist attractions of Zakopane. The sleigh consists of horse-drawn carts pulling one after sleigh another. It is a kind of game for tourists coming to Zakopane, which is often accompanied by highland music and singing and good fun, finished with a feast around a campfire or in a regional hut. From the 17th century to the early 20th century, sleigh rides were a very popular entertainment for the aristocracy.  

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