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Czujniki GIOŚ NO2 CO O3 SO2
ul. Sienkiewicza   11.22   0   83.34   0
- - - - PM2.5 PM10 - - - - - - - -
ul. Sienkiewicza   -   8.59
Czujniki o mniejszej dokładności:
Kamieniec   19.21   26.32
Józefa Piłsudskiego   13   16.91
Tytusa Chałubińskiego   12.43   16.04
Zofii i Witolda Paryskich   11.84   15.5
Kuźnice   12.21   15.61
Szkoła Podstawowa w Kościelisku   0.81   0.98
Wszystkie odczyty podawane są w µg/m3
Partner: airly
Śr. 29.05 23:00
13° / 11° słabe opady deszczu
Czw. 14:00
Pt. 14:00
Sob. 14:00
Nd. 14:00
Pon. 14:00
Zdjęcie promujące Zakopane

Mountain Hotel PTTK Kalatówki

Mountain Hotel PTTK Kalatówki

Located on Kalatówki glade in Zakopane, situated on moraine underneath Krokiew, hotel is 1198 MASL. A Path of Brother Albert from Kuźnice, paved with granite stones, leads to the hotel. Except special permits, it is closed for car vehicles. In tourist season it's filled with crowds of tourists.

Kalatówki is a cradle of polish Tatras skiing. As early as in the beginning of 20th century, the ski tournaments and sport trainings were held here. Building accomodation base for skiiers and tourists turned out to be neccessary. First so-called "old shelter" was built on Kalatówki in years 1911 – 1912. Tatra Skiers Society was building's initiatior. Small, wooden shelter was created on west part of Kalatówki glade's moraine. The building was used as storage house during the war, and burned down in 1943.
Mountain Hotel Kalatówki Building, designed in alpine style by Józef Jaworski, was raised in record time of 5 months, also by Tatra Skiers Society's action, in year 1938, within infrastructure foundings to organize FIS World Championships in 1939. During occupation, since 1939, it served as holiday house for higher german officers under the name "Berghaus Krakau".
Many elements of its original equipment suvived to modern times, like chandelier and fireplace in a dining hall, forged lamps in corridors, restaurant and TV room or iron grid near the staircase. In years 1959 – 1960 Kalatówki became the meeting spot of jazz elites.
Most prominent polish musicians took part in music workshop, for example Krzysztof Komeda, Jerzy "Duduś" Matuszkiewicz, Andrzej Kurylewicz, Zbigniew Namysłowski. To this day hotel kept its unique atmosphere despite many renovations.

Located on the opposite side of the main entrance, the buffet offers rich choice of snacks like bar dishes (goulash soup, tripe, bigos), hamburgers, hot dogs, sweets. Drinks – tea, coffee, chocolate, beer and bottled bevarages. The buffet is open for whole year.

Stylish restaurant offers wonderful dishes. Thanks to the beautiful view on mountains through panoramic windows, the meal will pass in great atmosphere. A very interesting old ski equipment collection and historic photo exhibition are displayed there.Menu covers polish, regional and vegetarian cuisine, including kid options and special dishes.

This nice, comfortable and cozy interior with fireplace reminds of jazz music with its design. It's because of photos of Kalatówki jazz events presented on walls. Panoramic windows give guests unforgetable sight. It's possible to get to the observation deck from cafe anytime.

Kalatówki is an excellent departure point to Western and High Tatra trails
- Blue trail – western branch of blue trail from Kuźnice, through Brother Albert Path, beside mountain hotel to Kondratowa Hall shelter. Until branching before hotel it runs along black trail. Walk time from Kuźnice to hotel is around 35 minutes, 25 minutes back. Walk time from hotel to shelter takes around 50 minutes, 40 minutes back.
- Black trail – Ścieżka nad Reglami towards Białego Valley and Sarnia Skała. Until branching before hotel it runs along blue trail. Walk time from branching to Czerwona Pass takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes, 1 hour 10 minutes back.
- Kalatówki – Ściezka nad Reglami – Sarnia Skałka – Strążyska Valley – Droga pod Reglami – Kalatówki – walk time around 4 hours 30 minutes.
- Kalatówki – Kondratowa Hall – Kondracka Pass – Giewont – return to Kalatówki – walk time around 4 hours 30 minutes.
- Kalatówki – Kondratowa Hall – Pass under Kopa Kondracka – Kasprowy Wierch – Gąsienicowa Hall – Kuźnice – Kalatówki – walk time around 7 hours.
- Kalatówki – Kuźnice – Kasprowy Wierch by cable railway – descent through Kopa Kondracka to Kalatówki or on Gietwont and Kalatówki, alternatively departure on Gąsienicowa Hall

post box194
34-500 Zakopane
phone: +48 18 20 636 44
+48 608 326 030

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