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ul. Sienkiewicza   -   3.15
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Zofii i Witolda Paryskich   4.7   6.45
Kuźnice   0.72   0.96
Szkoła Podstawowa w Kościelisku   0.3   0.4
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Zdjęcie promujące Zakopane

Rope Parks

Rope Parks

Exciting for everyone, rope parks are fun for either kids and adults. With various difficulty tracks, the challenge is universal. Close proximity to Tatra mountains and its nature is excellent for this kind of entertainement. Rope parks are sure great for having fun, joy and unfogetful memories with lots of laugh. Its time for an adventure on Zakopane zip-lines and tracks located high above the ground, among the woods. Accept the challenge and get to the top!


Situated on the top of Gubałówka, 60 meters from upper station of PKL cableway station, is a perfect spot for active leisure in any time of year. It's also a great place for integration parties for companies. "Złota Grań" is one of the biggest parks in Poland! It has 7 tracks on different difficulty levels, over 100 obstacles and 700 meters of zip-line rides, 16 meters pale and climbing wall. Thanks to the carefully designed track for the youngest, kids can enjoy this park too. 
Additionally, Paintball and shooting range is a great suplement for all this attractions. 

Opening hours
in summer season (July - August) everyday - from 9.00 to 19.00
off-season (May, June, September, October) everyday - from 9.00 to 18.00 
Opening hours may change depending on weather. 

Gubałówka 231 B street
34-500 Zakopane
phone +48 604 301 605
+ 48 602 191 305

Not far from Wielka Krokiew ski jump, its more than a rope park. Great for both kids, young and adult, wanting to have excellent fun!

GuGu Park is 4 rope tracks
- Mini Park - for youngest from 3 to 5 years old
- Small Park - for kids from 5 to 10 years old
- Medium Park - for 8 years and above
- Big Park - for above 10 years old and adults

Relaxing zone
Not only adrenaline is important. After thrilling fun you can relax on a broad clearing with view on mountains. There is also a sandbox and trampoline there.

GuGu - Bar
On the rope park territory is also a bar with hot and cold beverages. Its also possible to organize outdoor events with grill.

Piłsudskiego street
34-500 Zakopane
phone +48 795 543 184


Adventure Park is a highest situated compound of this type in Poland. Colorful views on Tatra mountains from Gubałówka peak are connected with unique park atmosphere - this is a perfect place to test your skills. Difficulty level of each attraction is suited for any type of person to fulfil his or hers extreme expectations. Instructors will provide the best security standard and great fun. Participants, before entering the park, will be equipped with best protective gear and instructed on how to use it.

Big Rope Park - unique play sensations on highest level! Wooden obstacle course on 6-8 meters above ground create extraordinary attraction for adults and youth. Facing one's fears provide high amount of adrenaline. Whole track is suitable for every person, with different skills.

Junior Rope Park - great fun for minors and people afraid of heights wanting to participate. Platforms and obstacles are installed between trees on lowest point, 2 - 3 meters above ground. 

Power Jump - unique experience from enormous swing jump, connected with bungee. Standing on 14 meters platform above group - will you jump down? Challenge awaits!

Zip-line XXL - hanging from the harness, attached only to one line, you jump from platform and fly like a bird! That's certain fun! Longest rope ride in Podhale begins on 9 meters. Zip-line has 350 meters and has two station points. Pure madness of flight gives unforgettable emotions and grand dose of adrenaline. 

Climbing wall - classic climbing wall with different difficulties - from novice to advanced. Professional protective gear and instructor will guarantee safe and comfortable climb.

Paintball - Strong dose of pure fun,  active relaxation and uncomparable integration with other contestants.  The battle unfolds with use of paint-based bullets shot from marker rifles. The main goal is to mark the other team with those projectiles. Being as interesting as engaging, paintball is a great interpersonal activity, coaching team cooperation.

Zorba - come into big, two-person sphere rolling on the slope and experience something unique! The sphere, filled with air, has 3 meters diameter, is being rolled from steep slope downwards, with contestants inside, laughing and screaming in joy. Adrenaline and indescribable sensations makes it a must-try personally! Everything is completely safe, and the slope itself has 45 meters lenght. It's time for something new!

Shooting range - you like Robin Hood and Agent 007 flicks? This attraction, based on shooting with shotgun or bow to targets is made for you! Great fun and competetive opportunity, challenging dexterity and precision. Everything is proceed under the instructor supervision. 

Adventure Bar -  Aside from adrenaline-filled attractions, park has its own relaxation zone!
This is a place where you can sit on sunbed and enjoy cold lemonade, hot coffee or some pie and grill food. Beautiful view from the terrace with umbrellas can provide long moments of relaxation.

Gubałówka 9 street
34-500 Zakopane
phone +48 692 849 611

- Excellent and safe fun
- Unforgettable adventures
- 10 colorful houses
- Unlimited play time
- For kids from 3 to 13 years old

Przewodników Tatrzańskich 1 street
34-500 Zakopane
phone +48 696 48 08 07

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