Temperature: 3°C

Wiatr: 0 km/h,
Ciśnienie: 1023 hPa
Zachmurzenie: 0%
Wilgotność: 81%
Opady: 0mm
Widoczność: 10km
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Zakopane is situated in southern Poland, about 100 km to the south of Kraków, close to the border with Slovakia. It lies in a valley at the foot of the Tatras, the highest mountain range in Poland (the highest peak of Mount Rysy 2499 m asl). Zakopane can be found at 48'18" latitude and 19' 57" longitude on the map. The altitude in the centre is around 840 m asl, while upper parts of the town are situated over 1000 m asl. Zakopane is a commune. It neighbours onto Kościelisko and Poronin villages. It is situated close to well-known villages of Bukowina Tatrzańska and Czarny Dunajec and the town of Nowy Targ.