Temperature: 17°C

Wiatr: 9 km/h,
Ciśnienie: 1023 hPa
Zachmurzenie: 0%
Wilgotność: 42%
Opady: 0mm
Widoczność: 10km

Arrival and moving around


Zakopane can be reached by train from all major cities of Poland. The nearest major railway junctions are Chabówka, Sucha Beskidzka and Kraków.

Zakopane is also connected with Kraków with a international road number E77 (till Skomielna Biała), then a national road number 47. Other roads join it to Silesia area and Nowy Sącz.

The nearest international airports are – Kraków (110 km away) and Poprad in Slovakia (70 km away). There are two former border crossings within the nearest vicinity of Zakopane (no passport control anymore thanks to EU regulations) - Łysa Polana, Jurgów and Chochołów, two a bit further ones in Chyżne and Niedzica. There also pedestrian crossings in Szczawnica, Sromowce Niżne, Kacwin and Lipnica Wielka. In summer season one can walk over to Slovakia on top of Mount Rysy, Kasprowy Wierch, Pyszniańska Przełęcz, Bystry Karb, Gaborowa Przełęcz Wyżnia, Kończysty Wierch, Jarząbczy Wierch, Wołowiec, Rakoń, Grześ, Bobrowiecka Przełęcz and Magura Witowska. 

Although the best way of getting around Zakopane is walking, the town is also prepared to receive quite a big number of cars. The main road from Kraków goes along Kasprowicza street and ends up at a roundabout which is aimed at slowing the traffic down, in the peak season one should expect difficulties and delays in reaching the centre. There are two main roads that lead off the roundabout - on the west-east axis there are Nowotarska and Kościeliska streets, the latter leading to Kościelisko village, Kościeliska Valley, Chochołów, Czarny Dunajec and border crossings in Chochołów and Chyżne. Chramcówki (with railway and bus stations), Jagiellońska and Chałubińskiego streets are situated on the south-north axis and lead towards the mountains in the south. Visitors, however, are recommended to leave their cars at car parks and advised to use public transport instead. Using buses and private mini buses one can get to most places quickly and cheaply.