Temperature: 17°C

Wiatr: 9 km/h,
Ciśnienie: 1023 hPa
Zachmurzenie: 0%
Wilgotność: 42%
Opady: 0mm
Widoczność: 10km

High altitudes and surrounding mountains are main factors influencing local weather and climate. Average annual temperature is approximately +5 degree Celsius. The warmest month is July with average temperature of +15 degrees, the coldest one January with the average of -6degrees. Average winds are not very strong, western and south-western in direction. In autumn, winter and early spring local fen wind, otherwise known as halny is a popular phenomenon. It is a relatively warm and dry wind, which blows from the direction of the mountains - from the south, at a speed often exceeding 100 km/h. It usually does a lot of damage and makes snow melt away very quickly. Halny usually blows from a few hours up to 3 or 4 days and affects people's mood. The average rain and snow falls amounts to 1000 mm per year. The months with highest rainfall is June and July, this is when many thunderstorms occur. Snow usually appears in November and melts away in March or April. The best skiing conditions in the upper parts of the mountains are in late winter or spring, in the months of March, April or even as late as May. This is when the snow layer gets the thickest. 

Longer periods of nice and sunny weather are characteristic of September and October. Hiking is the most enjoyable then. The months of January and February often characterised of cold but sunny winter weather. One can often experience the phenomenon of inversion in temperature – which is a few degrees higher in the upper part of the mountains than down in the valleys.