Temperature: 17°C

Wiatr: 9 km/h,
Ciśnienie: 1023 hPa
Zachmurzenie: 0%
Wilgotność: 42%
Opady: 0mm
Widoczność: 10km

Zakopane is famous for excellent skiing conditions. Skiing has been popular here for over one hundred years - that is one of the reasons why it has been considered the cradle of Polish skiing and the Winter Capital of Poland at the same time.
It offers numerous skiing facilities – from easy slopes for beginners to steep and difficult pists for the more adventurous and advanced ones. There are about 50 different ski lifts available at the moment, but the numbers are constantly being increased.

Best skiing conditions are available in Mount Kasprowy area. There is a cable car going to the very top from Kuźnice. There are two chairlifts on its slopes, in Goryczkowa and Gąsienicowa. Skiing season usually lasts till early May here. Another well-known skiing facility is that on Gubałówka hill. There is a funicular going to the top of the hill, further there are a few T-bar lifts over there. There floodlights there and snow making machines are also available on site. Another facility offering excellent skiing conditions is Polana Szymoszkowa (next to the Mecure Kasprowy hotel). The slope is also lit and has got snow making facilities. There are two chairlifts operating there. Another popular places is Mount Nosal and Harenda, also lit and artificially snowed. It offers a dozen or so T-bar lifts and a chairlift. Beginners can also ski on Koziniec, which has also got a system of floodlights and snowing making installation, but there are many more such places available to beginners everywhere in the town and the area. There are excellent skiing centres in the nearby villages of Poronin, Bukowina Tatrzańska or Białka Tatrzańska.
Gubałówka and Magura Witowska are perfect for ski touring. Those are peaceful and deserted places, where snow stays much longer than anywhere else thanks to high altitudes. Cross country enthusiasts will find cross country tracks in the vicinity of Mount Krokiew (close to the ski jumps). There are some places available for ski touring up in the Tatra mountains as well.

Those who do not have their own equipment can easily rent those in one of the numerous ski rentals, and those who would like to learn to ski can find qualified skiing instructors in every single slope.
Zakopane has also been a place for professional skiing. The first ever skiing competition in Poland was held in Zakopane in 1911 and attracted 150 competitors from several countries. At the same time, ski jumping competitions have been organised, and it is actually Nordic skiing that made Zakopane popular world-wide. Throughout all those years, the town has been visited by professional skiers from all over the world.
Zakopane has hosted: three FIS World Ski Championships (1929, 1939, 1962), three Winter Universiades (1956, 1993, 2001), Biathlon World Championship, Ski Jumping World Cup, Nordic Combined, Cross Country and Alpine European Cup events.